Thankful or Tankful


                   Hello Friends,
I’m rolling in the leaves that are falling from the trees.  I’m GRATEFUL and THANKFUL.

TT checking in. How about this? I’m not GRATEFUL but I’m looking for a Great full.  Stubb, do you get it? He he! I’m such a HUNGRY, smart, Talking Tummy.

“Yes! A  funny TT is better than the bossy, mean pincher.

     I Use to Have a Dog Now it’s Just Me.

My heart pounds and my squish plop speeds ahead. My nose tingles with the smells of turkey and dressing.There’s a Thanksgiving buffet outside the church under the trees!

TT screams, I LOVE BUFFETS. Bring on the turkey and mashed potatoes!

I follow a wrinkled, gray, little man. He’s bent over and walking slowly. He sits carefully down at the picnic table. He is carrying a FULL plate of yummy food.

TT alert! I noticed the old man’s hands were shaking. Stubb, you made a good choice. He’ll drop something. I’m sure of it.

I sneak under the table and lie down next to his feet. I put my paw on his foot. I sit up and put my head on his lap. There’s a spot on his pants.He smells like french fries.

TT alarm! His shoes are dirty. Pew, double pew, his feet STINK!

“Stop TT! Turn off the MEANS!

“Hello, fuzzy fellow! Glad for the company. I guess you’re alone and hungry too.”

TT alert! This lonesome geezer needs a Talking Tummy. Then he’d NEVER be alone or hungry.

The dear old fellow feeds me a plate of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and a big soft roll dripping with butter.”Here’s a delicious slice of turkey for you. I have more food then I’ll eat.”

TT is giggling and gurgling! What a nice old timer!Who cares about stinking feet?

The man smiles at me.”I like this church. I come here on most Sundays. It’s kinda like my home. Maybe I’ll see you here again. I use to have a dog. Now it’s just me.” He stares at me. ” I like your ears; ones up and the other is down. Very unusual!”

He stands up. I lick his hand when he pats my head.

“It’s been a long time since I had a dog lick my hand. I’ll be looking for you when I come to the church.” He shuffles a few steps away.”Good-bye, my little friend, and happy Thanksgiving to you.”

“TT, now, are you THANKFUL?”

Yes! I’m TANKFUL. Do you get it? Not THANKFUL but TANKFUL. He He He . . . Stubb, the tank is full!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving kids. Remember, to be thankful and grateful.

Stubb and TT  


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