School is Just for Kids


  Kids Must Go to School

Welcome Friends,

You’re in school now, or almost ready to start. Did you know, it’s a law, that kids must go to school. So It’s YOUR world, and you should enjoy it. Adults can visit school, or help out, but school is for kids of all ages and sizes

Grab your backpack and lunch. Don’t miss out. You’ll meet teachers, friends and have new experiences all built around going to your chosen school.

TT checking in. Stubb, food is more important than school. School sounds BORING!

“TT, there’s more to life than pig-outs and gobblers.”

Let’s go for a SCHOOL GOBBLER. Stubb, get Movin!

I walk down the block and peek into a school window. The kids are reading and talking about their books. I creep to another window. The students are growing plants in little cups. I go to the back of the school and find another open window. Music is playing and the kids are singing. In the room next door the students are working in the computer lab.

Boring!! Double Boring!! No FOOD! I hate singing!!

I go to the front of the school and look in an open door. The kids are painting pictures. Some students are writing and making their own books.

“TT, the kids at this school are busy, and they’re happy.”

A school without FOOD is a rotten place to be. Poor hungry, overworked kids. I bet they’re starving!  

“TT, the kids are learning, and it is  fun.”

The bell rings. Here come the kids with their lunches.

Get under one of those picnic tables. This is an order! Get movin!!

I slide under a table filled with hungry students. I bark and give my paw. TT and I get two ham sandwiches, three carrots, and lots of potatoes chips.

Stubb, I love this school gobbler, but where is a place where dogs belong. A place where we belong??  It‘s not the DOG POUND!!

“TT, don’t cry, listen up. We belong with people. Dogs are  friends.  We live for pats and tummy scratches. People and dogs share a world filled with wagging tails, snuggles and licks. TT, please relax. Dogs give protection. Dogs help disabled people get around. Dogs even work in the military service. We are MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

Stubb, I believe you! Super Stubb, the Hero, will always have a place with people.

Don’t forget, kids. School is set up especially for YOU. So enjoy it! Work hard and make lots of new friends. Find out what you like, and what you don’t like. Think, share and create. There is just ONE UNIQUE YOU! Don’t MISS OUT!!!!!!

See you next time.

Stubb and TT






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