I Can’t Live Without Ice Cream


Ice Cream Can Never Be a SECRET

Hey Kids,

Did you know, that the month of July is National ICE CREAM month.

TT alert! Don’t tell anyone. Be quiet!  I want all that ice cream. I won’t share! Forget about kids. They’ll  cause an ice cream shortage.

TT you are SELFISH!!! It’s all about your empty tummy. IT’S ALWAYS EMPTY.

I’m warning you, Stubb. I can’t live without ice cream. So stop blabbing about July, the ice cream month. Keep it a secret. That’s an order.

I disagree TT. Ice cream can never be a secret. We need to tell EVERYBODY!! Not just kids, but old people, fat people, skinny people, short people, just any people. The 3rd Sunday of the month, July 16th, is National Ice Cream Day. Ice cream belongs to everybody.

You’ll be sorry, when the doors of the ice cream stores are locked because ALL the ice cream is GONE!!

“Watch this TT.” I walk down the street to the corner to Bay’s Ice Cream Parlor. I sit down by the door.

Watch What? Forget about getting ice cream. Dogs never get ice cream. Now he’s crying. People never share with dogs. It’s hopeless! I’m hungry. I’m sad. Farewell, to ice cream. Good-bye forever.

 Still crying . . .

A family walks out of the door. They’re eating  ice cream cones. I sit up tall, wave my paws and beg. My delightful dog smile pops out.

They stop and stare. I whine. My smile pops out again.

The boy bends over. “Here fella, have a bite.” He hands me the rest of his strawberry ice cream cone. The yummy, creamy ice cream slides down my throat and creeps into my waiting, giggling, selfish tummy.

I squish plop plop in a circle. I roll over. Actually, I do a little dance. Who wouldn’t dance for ice cream?

“How cute. What a sweet dog.” The girl pats my head. She lets me have the last dip of her cone.

TT screams, giggles, gurgles and wiggles.

. “Bye, puppy. We have shopping to do. We loved your tricks, and you certainly enjoyed our ice cream.”

Sorry, sorry, double sorry. How could I ever question SUPER STUBB?



McDonald’s giving away free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day, Sunday, July 16

See you there, Kids.

Happy July, Happy ice cream, Happy Licking!!


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