Halloween Disaster



Hello Friends,

Welcome to the WORLD of Stubb and TT.

Wake up Stubb! Who wants to visit our Gray World? We have NO Halloween candy! Get movin and find some CHOCOLATE candy. I want CHOCOLATE Now!!!

“TT, you’re losing it. Dogs NEVER eat CHOCOLATE! I could DIE!

It’s a chocolate lie. People are selfish about their chocolate.

. “What if, chocolate really is bad for dogs?”

Just a big fat lie!!

TT is bossing and out of control. The name, Terrible Tummy, STILL fits him.

Wake up, Stubb! Candy alert! Here come some trick or treaters. Keep a sharp eye or I’ll pinch you so hard your eyes will pop out!  

“TT, I’ll sit up and beg the kids for a treat.”

The kids give me chips, cookies, and jelly beans.

A tall girl with black hair announces in a loud voice,” Don’t give this dog chocolate. It’s dangerous!”

TT screams, It’s the CHOCOLATE LIE. I hate that silly girl. 

The treat or treaters leave. The littlest kid runs to catch up. Hooray! A large candy bar drops out of his bag.

I pounce on the candy. I smell chocolate!

What are you waiting for? Get busy and eat the candy.

“TT, I can’t! I smell chocolate!

Who cares? Gobble or I’ll give you the Eye-Popping PINCH!

I tear open the wrapper. It is chocolate!  Maybe TT is right about the CHOCOLATE LIE.

I lick and it tastes SOOOOO, good. I bite the end off. No problem, I feel fine.

I gobble up the whole, delicious, chocolate bar.

TT is giggling. Stubb, thanks for the chocolate pig-out. 

I wonder if the kids are having Halloween parties this afternoon. I trot toward the school.

                  TT I’m As Sick As A Dog

Suddenly, pains shoot through my tummy!

TT, screams, look out! A giant Burp Blast is coming. I can’t stop it!

I flip on my side. I’m sick as a dog. “TT,  I can’t breathe! This is it.”

I don’t want to die. I’m a good tummy. Stubb, here comes another huge blast! 

I try to get up, but I can’t get my breath!

“I’m doctor Burns. Let me help this sick dog.”

She pulls me onto her lap. “You have chocolate on your muzzle! Now I understand what happened to you. She pushes two red pills into my mouth and I swallow. She pulls a needle out of her bag. I feel a prick and the shot goes into my shoulder.

Stubb, I promise, I’ll stop yelling, pinching, and bossing you.

After a few minutes, Doctor Burns gets up. “I have to go. Maybe this fellow could stay in someone’s classroom. He doesn’t have a collar or tags. He’s strong and I think he’ll make it.”

The kids carry me to a classroom nearby. A little girl gives me her jacket to lie on.

“TT, I remember your promise. I’m so happy you’ll be turning into a Terrific Tummy.

My dear Super Stubb, I’m happy to be alive. I hope . . . I can remember that promise . . .

I rest for awhile and feel better. I creep and sneak out of the classroom door. My squish plop walk bounces with energy. I’m full of the happies.

TT and I missed the Halloween disaster. WE ARE ALIVE!!!!

It’s a HAPPY HALLOWEEN to us, and all of you.

Stubb and TT