Thankful or Tankful

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                   Hello Friends,
I’m rolling in the leaves that are falling from the trees.  I’m GRATEFUL and THANKFUL.

TT checking in. How about this? I’m not GRATEFUL but I’m looking for a Great full.  Stubb, do you get it? He he! I’m such a HUNGRY, smart, Talking Tummy.

“Yes! A  funny TT is better than the bossy, mean pincher.

     I Use to Have a Dog Now it’s Just Me.

My heart pounds and my squish plop speeds ahead. My nose tingles with the smells of turkey and dressing.There’s a Thanksgiving buffet outside the church under the trees!

TT screams, I LOVE BUFFETS. Bring on the turkey and mashed potatoes!

I follow a wrinkled, gray, little man. He’s bent over and walking slowly. He sits carefully down at the picnic table. He is carrying a FULL plate of yummy food.

TT alert! I noticed the old man’s hands were shaking. Stubb, you made a good choice. He’ll drop something. I’m sure of it.

I sneak under the table and lie down next to his feet. I put my paw on his foot. I sit up and put my head on his lap. There’s a spot on his pants.He smells like french fries.

TT alarm! His shoes are dirty. Pew, double pew, his feet STINK!

“Stop TT! Turn off the MEANS!

“Hello, fuzzy fellow! Glad for the company. I guess you’re alone and hungry too.”

TT alert! This lonesome geezer needs a Talking Tummy. Then he’d NEVER be alone or hungry.

The dear old fellow feeds me a plate of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and a big soft roll dripping with butter.”Here’s a delicious slice of turkey for you. I have more food then I’ll eat.”

TT is giggling and gurgling! What a nice old timer!Who cares about stinking feet?

The man smiles at me.”I like this church. I come here on most Sundays. It’s kinda like my home. Maybe I’ll see you here again. I use to have a dog. Now it’s just me.” He stares at me. ” I like your ears; ones up and the other is down. Very unusual!”

He stands up. I lick his hand when he pats my head.

“It’s been a long time since I had a dog lick my hand. I’ll be looking for you when I come to the church.” He shuffles a few steps away.”Good-bye, my little friend, and happy Thanksgiving to you.”

“TT, now, are you THANKFUL?”

Yes! I’m TANKFUL. Do you get it? Not THANKFUL but TANKFUL. He He He . . . Stubb, the tank is full!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving kids. Remember, to be thankful and grateful.

Stubb and TT  


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Grandparents, Grandkids, Granddogs

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Hi Friends,
September is the month to celebrate our Grandparents.

TT alert! Grandparents! Who Cares?? Your Terrific Tummy is HUNGRY!!

Besides we don’t have Grandparents. Forget it, Stubb. Dogs are left out!


“TT, a Terrific Tummy doesn’t complain. A Terrible Tummy always complains, cries and bosses and is HUNGRY!”

Get movin!  Follow that family with a dog. The old gal is carrying a bag of food. Maybe it’s picnic time.

The family sits down at a picnic table. I creep into in the bushes close by.

Their fuzzy gray puppy jumps into the old gal’s lap.”I just love my Granddog. Fred is so soft and warm.” She reaches into her bag and gives Fred a cookie and a hug.

TT alert! I want to be a GRANDDOG’S TUMMY, NOW!

“Calm down! It’s time to look and listen.”

“Mother, I’m so happy you like our puppy. I’m glad you realize that Fred is almost like having a grandchild.”

“Emily, I am free to babysit anytime for dear little Fred.” She gives him another cookie. “You’re my sweet Granddog”.

Emily pulls out her phone. “Mother, let me get your picture with Fred.”

TT alarm! Stubb, find a grandmother without grandkids. She might be looking for a granddog. That’s an order.Get movin!

“Ouch! I’m looking! I’m moving!”

I creep out of the bushes and walk through the park. Everyone is with friends or family. I don’t know . . .

Look for a loner, a loner with food.

I see a cane leaning against a bench. Two people are sitting on the bench.

Watch out Stubb! They’ve got white hair. Maybe they’re too old to want a granddog.

I trot up to the bench. I stretch my lips and puff air out my nose. My delightful smile pops out.

“Gary, we come here everyday. I’ve seen this handsome dog before. This is the first time he’s come over to visit us.”

Gary takes a cookie out of his pocket.”Marian, he’s smiling at us!”

I wiggle up to these senior citizens. I rest my head on Marian’s lap, she hands me another cookie.

TT is yelling. We’ve found them. Our grandparents!! 

“We have time for this dog.  Our daughter and son in law are busy with their work,” says Gary.

“We don’t have any grandkids. This happy fellow can be our  Granddog.” Marian pats her purse. “I always carry lots of dog biscuits.”

Gary takes out his phone. “Marian, lets get a picture of this sweet dog. I’ll send it to our daughter.”

TT is giggling. My tail wags out of control.

Gary takes the picture. “We’ll see you tomorrow,” says Marian.


Kids, don’t forget to give your grandparents a hug. Listen to their  memories and feel their special love.

Stubb and TT

Grandparents are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.” — Unknown


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School is Just for Kids

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  Kids Must Go to School

Welcome Friends,

You’re in school now, or almost ready to start. Did you know, it’s a law, that kids must go to school. So It’s YOUR world, and you should enjoy it. Adults can visit school, or help out, but school is for kids of all ages and sizes

Grab your backpack and lunch. Don’t miss out. You’ll meet teachers, friends and have new experiences all built around going to your chosen school.

TT checking in. Stubb, food is more important than school. School sounds BORING!

“TT, there’s more to life than pig-outs and gobblers.”

Let’s go for a SCHOOL GOBBLER. Stubb, get Movin!

I walk down the block and peek into a school window. The kids are reading and talking about their books. I creep to another window. The students are growing plants in little cups. I go to the back of the school and find another open window. Music is playing and the kids are singing. In the room next door the students are working in the computer lab.

Boring!! Double Boring!! No FOOD! I hate singing!!

I go to the front of the school and look in an open door. The kids are painting pictures. Some students are writing and making their own books.

“TT, the kids at this school are busy, and they’re happy.”

A school without FOOD is a rotten place to be. Poor hungry, overworked kids. I bet they’re starving!  

“TT, the kids are learning, and it is  fun.”

The bell rings. Here come the kids with their lunches.

Get under one of those picnic tables. This is an order! Get movin!!

I slide under a table filled with hungry students. I bark and give my paw. TT and I get two ham sandwiches, three carrots, and lots of potatoes chips.

Stubb, I love this school gobbler, but where is a place where dogs belong. A place where we belong??  It‘s not the DOG POUND!!

“TT, don’t cry, listen up. We belong with people. Dogs are  friends.  We live for pats and tummy scratches. People and dogs share a world filled with wagging tails, snuggles and licks. TT, please relax. Dogs give protection. Dogs help disabled people get around. Dogs even work in the military service. We are MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

Stubb, I believe you! Super Stubb, the Hero, will always have a place with people.

Don’t forget, kids. School is set up especially for YOU. So enjoy it! Work hard and make lots of new friends. Find out what you like, and what you don’t like. Think, share and create. There is just ONE UNIQUE YOU! Don’t MISS OUT!!!!!!

See you next time.

Stubb and TT






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I Can’t Live Without Ice Cream

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Ice Cream Can Never Be a SECRET

Hey Kids,

Did you know, that the month of July is National ICE CREAM month.

TT alert! Don’t tell anyone. Be quiet!  I want all that ice cream. I won’t share! Forget about kids. They’ll  cause an ice cream shortage.

TT you are SELFISH!!! It’s all about your empty tummy. IT’S ALWAYS EMPTY.

I’m warning you, Stubb. I can’t live without ice cream. So stop blabbing about July, the ice cream month. Keep it a secret. That’s an order.

I disagree TT. Ice cream can never be a secret. We need to tell EVERYBODY!! Not just kids, but old people, fat people, skinny people, short people, just any people. The 3rd Sunday of the month, July 16th, is National Ice Cream Day. Ice cream belongs to everybody.

You’ll be sorry, when the doors of the ice cream stores are locked because ALL the ice cream is GONE!!

“Watch this TT.” I walk down the street to the corner to Bay’s Ice Cream Parlor. I sit down by the door.

Watch What? Forget about getting ice cream. Dogs never get ice cream. Now he’s crying. People never share with dogs. It’s hopeless! I’m hungry. I’m sad. Farewell, to ice cream. Good-bye forever.

 Still crying . . .

A family walks out of the door. They’re eating  ice cream cones. I sit up tall, wave my paws and beg. My delightful dog smile pops out.

They stop and stare. I whine. My smile pops out again.

The boy bends over. “Here fella, have a bite.” He hands me the rest of his strawberry ice cream cone. The yummy, creamy ice cream slides down my throat and creeps into my waiting, giggling, selfish tummy.

I squish plop plop in a circle. I roll over. Actually, I do a little dance. Who wouldn’t dance for ice cream?

“How cute. What a sweet dog.” The girl pats my head. She lets me have the last dip of her cone.

TT screams, giggles, gurgles and wiggles.

. “Bye, puppy. We have shopping to do. We loved your tricks, and you certainly enjoyed our ice cream.”

Sorry, sorry, double sorry. How could I ever question SUPER STUBB?



McDonald’s giving away free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day, Sunday, July 16

See you there, Kids.

Happy July, Happy ice cream, Happy Licking!!


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A Drop of Love

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Welcome Friends,

It’s time to celebrate our Dads.

Happy Father’s Day on June 18th!

TT here. Stubb, you don’t have a Dad, so give it a rest! Boring!

“You’re definitely, without a question, a TERRIBLE MEAN TUMMY. I don’t like what you said about my dad!”

What Dad? Never heard about him. BORING!

“I remember, a long time ago, I was part of a family. I was just a puppy, but I did have a dad and a mother.”

So where is the fellow? I’d like to meet him.

“I don’t know. I meant him once for a very short time. He gave me just a few licks and a couple of tail wags. The next day he was gone. My heart  holds the drop of love he gave me. His love NEVER leaves.”

Well, if he loved you, where is he now? A drop of love isn’t much. Sorry, Stubb, IT WON’T LAST!!

“No! I always feel he loved me. That feeling is FOREVER.”

Maybe he died!

“I don’t know. I’m sure he did the best he could. I believe this because he was my dad. My dad would do his very best.

Sorry, Stubb. A very, very sad Dad story. I’m going to cry.

“Stop! TT, don’t start crying.  It’s okay. Things happen and he had to leave me. I’ll never know the whole story.”

You have me.  I’m your family. I’m your Terrific Tummy.

“I wish you were Terrific. Your mean words about my dad make you a Terrible Tummy. Shame on you!”

Sorry, those words just slipped out. Mean words slip out when I’m hungry. I’ll try to control the MEAN. Besides, I give you more than just a drop of love.

“I agree, TT. You’re a friend, most of the time. Friends are like family that we get to love, choose and enjoy.”

Did you CHOOSE me your TERRIFIC TUMMY???

“Well . . . well . . . no. TT, you do keep me company and mostly we are friends.”

He he he. I’ll stick to you like glue.

Kids, Have a happy summer and a great time with your family, friends, and DADS.

Stubb and TT



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Mothers are Forever

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                       Stubb You Are Strong

Attention Kids,

Mother’s Day is May 14th. Let’s celebrate her special day.

Who Cares?? Stubb, your mother is gone. I’ve never seen her or even heard about her. Who Cares???   

“TT, shame on you. Your words HURT.”

Sorry, Stubb, but it is true about your Mother.

“My Mother lives in my heart. I don’t talk about her, but she’s there.”

She must be very SMALL, little tiny tiny . . .

“Her memory  lives in my heart and always will. I look a lot like her. I have her ears. One sticks up and the other ear flops down. I also have her round, brown eyes.”

Hmm, an ear and eye memory. He he he, very impressive, Stubb.

“The woman that owned us died and no one else wanted us. Mother went to the pound and I ended up dumped by the road.”

Did your mother say good-bye?

“Yes, she licked me on the nose and said, ‘Remember, you are strong’ Then she was taken away.”

Did you ever see her again?

“No, but I always remember her words; you are strong. Everyday her words speak to me. They encourage me and help me.

You’re rightIn our first book, Giggle and Go with Stubb to Italy, you saved Iris and Benjamin from drowning in the school mud ditch.

“I fought with the wild cats of the colosseum. The Gypsies made me dance at the end of a chain for money, but I escaped.”

True, very true, Super Stubb, you are a fighter and very strong.

“TT, words touch our heart and create special memories, or words can be MEAN. They make us sad and they’re hard to forget. Think about your words.”

Stubb, I’ll try to remember to say HEART words. Sorry for the MEAN words.

“If you’r going to change into a Terrific Tummy instead of a Terrible Tummy I’ll need to hear more heart words.”

Stubb, here come the HEART words. Here they come!!  I’m trying. I know I can do it . . . I .  I .  I’m . .  I’m glad your mother is  forever and she lives in your heart.

Thanks TT.

Kids, don’t forget. CELEBRATE YOUR MOM.

Stubb and TT






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Catch a Leprechaun

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Hey Kids,

Watch out for Pinches!! It’s the WEARIN OF THE GREEN time. So wear something green to school. Let’s hear it for St Patrick’s Day.

I am hoping t0 catch a real live Leprechaun.

TT checking in. BORING!! We’ll never find a little, tiny guy wearing a green suit. A crazy idea Stubb, and what for?????

“We’ll catch him by the leg and hold him until we get our wish. TT, what should we wish for?”

What else? FOOD!!!!!!!! A Saint Patrick’s Day Pig-out.

“I agree. A Corn beef and Cabbage Gobbler topped off with a yummy cake decorated with green shamrocks, and sugar cookies.”

I’m not sure about Cabbage, but . . .I’ll eat ANYTHING.

TT, we’ll need the LUCK of the IRISH to catch a LEPRECHAUN.

Let’s follow those screaming kids in green tee shirts. It’s a Leprechaun Race!! They’re chasing after a Leprechaun!!!

I pull TT in and run as fast as I can.We race into the woods. I see a flash of green and turn off the path.

TT yells, I see him. He’s peeking out of those bushes.

I slide to a stop. Creep forward and peek inside. It’s not a tiny Leprechaun, but a small boy with a basket full of sugar cookies.

“Hi doggy. My Mommy is lost. Can you find her?”

TT alert! Forget this kid. Grab the basket of cookies and run.

“No Terrible Tummy!! Shame on you. What about doing the RIGHT thing???”

I trot back to the path and see a crowd of people. A woman is crying. “I just turned around and Ethan was gone.”

I run up to her. I bark, turn and trot back down the path. She follows me. I like being Super Stubb. Actually I am Super Stubb, most of the time.

Ethan hears my barking and crawls out. “Mommy, you lost me.”

The happy ending to the story is Ethan’s mom included me in her St. Patrick’s Day Party. TT and I got MORE than a basket of cookies.

TT checking in. The corn beef was good. The cabbage turned into a BURP BLAST. Nibbling on a few more green sugar cookies helped me calm down my gurgling and growling. I’m glad WE did the RIGHT THING.

Bye Kids,











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Two Kinds of Hearts

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Valentine Cookies are Yummy

Welcome Friends,

Red and pink hearts are popping up everywhere. They’re on cards, candy, cookies and cakes. Hearts even dance on socks and underpants. Hooray for Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!

TT here, Stubb, BEWARE of UNDERWEAR  with HEARTS.      

I creep closer to some kids waiting for the school bus. They’re eating, laughing and looking a valentine cards.

“Who needs a valentine card. I have a heart right in here.” The red headed kid taps his chest and grins.”It’s a big pump made of muscle.”

TT here. I don’t care about some kid’s big pump! I want some valentine  cookies. They don’t have to have hearts, but they better be BIG!!

A girl with glasses and curly hair jumps up and down. My heart is the size of my fist and it’s beats 60 to 100 beats a minute.

“I read a book that said, at the end of your life your heart will have beat around 3 billion times,” says the boy. He hugs himself and smiles. “I’m a walkin, takin miracle.”

The curly haired girl yells, “Top this! If you leave the kitchen faucet on  for 45 years that’s the amount of blood your heart pumps through our body in a lifetime.”

“TT, we have a heart, too.”

Who cares! I’m hungry and I want to eat. Valentine’s Day is for eating. Stubb, where is your heart?? Let’s eat it NOW!!!!!!

“It’s beating in my chest.”

What?? A Valentine heart in there. Sounds weird to me. BIG TIME WEIRD!!!!!

“My heart keeps us alive. It’s beating 70 to 120 times a minute, right now.”

Here’s an order! Sit up, look cute and beg. Maybe those kids will feed you, and YOU means Me; your TERRIFIC TUMMY.

I trot up the the kids and sit down. I give my paw.

“Here’s two valentine cookies.” The red head hands me two heart shaped red cookies with sparkly sugar. He pets me and scratches my ears.

The school bus pulls up and the kids jump on.

“Heads up TT. These heart cookies are yummy, but don’t forget the wonderful heart inside that keeps us alive.”

Your heart is my friend. His Dub, Dub, Dub sound rocks me to sleep at night, when I’m hungry and growling.

A Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Remember, we are walkin takin MIRACLES.

Stubb and TT


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A New Year’s Gobbler

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Chinese New Year is better than Christmas

 A New Years Gobbler

Welcome Back Friends!!

A wild red dragon just jumped over me. TT and I are surrounded by  people banging on drums and symbols. It’s a Chinese New Year parade.

Pull me in, Stubb! Don’t let anyone step on me.That prancing dragon and those dancing lions are too close. I don’t want to get squished!

“Calm down TT. Watch the fireworks. I wonder what those kids have in their red envelopes.”

Here comes a kid with an envelope. Sit up and beg.That’s an order. Maybe she has a cookie.

“What a sweet dog. Are you hungry?”

I quickly give her my paw.

“I’m Ping, happy to meet you.” She looks around. “Shad, come here. Say hello to this cute dog.”

More kids gather around me. I shake hands and lick faces.

“Stubb, get serious. This could be a New Year’s Gobbler.”

I sit up and beg. I whine and look right at Ping.

“He’s hungry!”

Shad pats my head. Mom told us it’s the year of the Rooster, and to wish everyone we meet. peace and good luck in 2017.

He sits down next to me. “Kids always get these red envelopes filled with money for our celebration.” He turns to Ping. “This hungry fellow needs some good luck. Let’s buy him a plate of dumplings.”

I love Shad. A dog kiss should seal the bargain. My kiss lands on the side of his nose.

Ping and Shad hug me. “The dumplings are delicious. Everyone eats dumplings for New Years.”

Hoooray! Starting 2017 with a dumpling pig-out. 

The kids run to a nearby food truck. They hurry back with a plate of toasted dumplings.

“Happy New Year little friend. Eat and ENJOY.”

I smile and gobble up all the warm dumplings.

TT is giggling. He yells, Chinese New Year is better than Christmas.

The kids wave good-bye and follow the parade.

TT we need to make a New Year’s resolution . . . something about food??? For you, more kindness and less food.

I can’t believe you said that about your Terrific Tummy. I’m everyone’s friend. I just love Ping and Shad.

We’ll see what happens this year  I hope I’m wrong about kindness. We both need to cut down on pig-outs and gobblers.

I’m not sorry we ate all those dumplings. I’ll NEVER BE SORRY.

Okay TT, maybe, the dumplings were a New’s Year Gift just for us.

I wish for all our friends a happy new year . . .

TT’s giggling and yelling,  filled with toasted, yummy dumplings!! he he! 

Stubb and TT

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Look For the Good

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Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale and Merry Christmas. People all over the world are getting ready to celebrate.

TT here! I want turkey, mashed potatoes and a BIG FAT cookie sprinkled with sugar.

“TT, forget your Christmas Gobbler and look at that Christmas tree by the church.”

I hate Christmas!! We never get enough Christmas Dinner . . .

“Stop crying and LOOK FOR THE  GOOD.”

I trot over to the church and watch the people gathered outside.

Let’s blow out of here. That gal with the shopping cart scares me.  Garbage bags and dirty kids.

“Yut up, TT. (He’ll cry if I say Shut Up) LOOK FOR THE GOOD.”

Who cares about GOOD. Good is boring. Those kids need their hair combed.

I move closer. The boy whispers,”Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Brady, I know you’re hungry. I’m hungry too.”

The girl pulls on her Mother’s arm. “It’s Christmas. When do we get to eat?”

“Karen, I think we’ll have dinner very soon.”

“Listen up, TT. You’re not the only one that’s hungry.”

A lady comes out of the church. She smiles and announces, “Merry Christmas! Welcome! I’m Mrs. Bright and dinner is served.”

TT alarm! Hurry! Push in front of those kids.

“Shame on you. You are, without a doubt a TERRIBLE TUMMY!”

I creep forward. I plan to hide under one of tables inside the dining room.

Mrs. Bright shakes her head at me. She points her finger and frowns. “No dogs allowed!”

TT starts to scream and cry. I hate Christmas. I hate that Mrs. Bright.

Brady pats my head. “Please, this dog is with us.”

His sister scratches my ear. “He’s a good dog.”

Mrs. Bright’s frown turns to a smile. “Who cares. Come on in. Christmas is for dogs too.”

I stretch my lips, blow air up my nose and out pops my amazing smile.

Mrs Bright pats my head. “I’ve never seen a dog smile.”

I follow Brady, Karen and their mom into the the church. They find the dining room and I slip under their table.

TT giggles wildly as the food comes. Brady feeds me two buttered rolls and a large slice of turkey.

“I bet you’ll like these.” Karen gives me three Christmas cookies covered with red sugar sparkles.

“Hey TT, remember to . . . . . . .


you and all our friends.

Stubb and TT

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Thankful for TT

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Welcome Kids, it’s pumpkin pie time.

Sadly, TT is yelling at me. No! Stubb, you’re not
 THANKFUL for me. You always call me Terrible 
Tummy. THANKFUL for me! I’ll never believe you. STOP LYING!!!!

“TT, I’m thankful for food and fall trees dressed in gold, orange and red. I forget to be thankful fI'll Miss your High, Scratchy voice.or  people or things closest to me. That’s why I’ve  decided I’m thankful for  you, TT my Terrible Talking Tummy. Yup! I  said it. I mean it.  I’m thankful for you,TT.

 Stubb, you can’t be THANKFUL for me. You won’t even call me your TERRIFIC TUMMY. You won’t listen to me. 

“TT, I’d be lonesome without you. Honest I like you. I’d miss your high, scratchy, complaining voice.”

How about when I boss you, or scream, yell and cry?

“Friends must be patient. They don’t always agree about everything.”

How about when I force us to OVEREAT. Are you sick of hearing fill up the tank??

“Yes, TT, sometimes, I get tired and bored with you.  You get on my nerves. Still . . . without a doubt you’ll always be with me.”

Stubber, remember, if you feel sad or lonesome I’m there for you. You’ll always have someone to talk to I … I . . .Love . . .You.

“Talking Tummy, I don’t know about tomorrow, but for Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for you, my little talking friend.”

Kids, think about the people that pick up, clean up, cook, carry and give. Tell them you’re THANKFUL they’re in your life.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Stubb and TT



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A Halloween Reject

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Happy Halloween and BOO to you.

Different is Good

Different is Good

TT and I are looking at all the shiny, orange pumpkins in front of the store.  It’s jack-o-lantern and CANDY time.

Stubb, I hate pumpkins! I want chocolate, NOW!!

“TT, we will not be having chocolate anything!!!!!!”

Who cares! There’s jelly beans, candy corns and lots of yummy stuff.

Kids, you can see that TT continues to be out of control. Luckily, I’ll handle the Halloween candy.

“TT, do you hear crying?”

Who cares! Some little kid is probably lost. 

“Look! It’s that weird little pumpkin near the table. It has one eye and half a mouth.”

Stubb, let’s get out of here. I hate scary pumpkins.

“No! Be Brave! Maybe we can help.”

Boring. . .Double Boring. . .

I slide under the table and sit down near the pumpkin. “What happened to you?”

“I’m a reject. I only have one eye and half a mouth. I hate myself.”

“You’re almost a jack-o-lantern.”

“The store manager decided I was too small. He stopped carving and threw me under the table. I’m a Halloween reject.”

“Don’t be sad little guy. Maybe someone is looking for a fellow just like you.”

TT alert! You must be kidding. That’s a big lie. He’s hopeless and ugly!!

“Stop!. Terrible Tummy. Everyone deserves a chance.”

I push him out in front of the other pumpkins. “Don’t worry. There’s a buyer for every pumpkin.”

“Even for me??”

“Yes. Just wait and see.”

School is out and kids and moms are looking at the pile of pumpkins. Suddenly a girl runs to the table and looks under. “Wow!! This guy is scary. I want him. Please, Mom, he’ll scare everyone who comes to our house.”

“But he needs more carving. One eye and half a mouth looks strange.”

“No!! I want him.”

Now the funny little pumpkin is trying to smile.

I give him a lick just before she picks him up.

“Mom, even this friendly dog likes him.”

TT checking in. That kid needs glasses. She’s buying a loser pumpkin.

“TT, now the little pumpkin has a home. Remember, different can be good.”

Kids, have fun and enjoy your jack-o-lanterns.

Stubb and TT


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