A Drop of Love


Welcome Friends,

It’s time to celebrate our Dads.

Happy Father’s Day on June 18th!

TT here. Stubb, you don’t have a Dad, so give it a rest! Boring!

“You’re definitely, without a question, a TERRIBLE MEAN TUMMY. I don’t like what you said about my dad!”

What Dad? Never heard about him. BORING!

“I remember, a long time ago, I was part of a family. I was just a puppy, but I did have a dad and a mother.”

So where is the fellow? I’d like to meet him.

“I don’t know. I meant him once for a very short time. He gave me just a few licks and a couple of tail wags. The next day he was gone. My heart  holds the drop of love he gave me. His love NEVER leaves.”

Well, if he loved you, where is he now? A drop of love isn’t much. Sorry, Stubb, IT WON’T LAST!!

“No! I always feel he loved me. That feeling is FOREVER.”

Maybe he died!

“I don’t know. I’m sure he did the best he could. I believe this because he was my dad. My dad would do his very best.

Sorry, Stubb. A very, very sad Dad story. I’m going to cry.

“Stop! TT, don’t start crying.  It’s okay. Things happen and he had to leave me. I’ll never know the whole story.”

You have me.  I’m your family. I’m your Terrific Tummy.

“I wish you were Terrific. Your mean words about my dad make you a Terrible Tummy. Shame on you!”

Sorry, those words just slipped out. Mean words slip out when I’m hungry. I’ll try to control the MEAN. Besides, I give you more than just a drop of love.

“I agree, TT. You’re a friend, most of the time. Friends are like family that we get to love, choose and enjoy.”

Did you CHOOSE me your TERRIFIC TUMMY???

“Well . . . well . . . no. TT, you do keep me company and mostly we are friends.”

He he he. I’ll stick to you like glue.

Kids, Have a happy summer and a great time with your family, friends, and DADS.

Stubb and TT



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